Healthy Weight Loss

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  • Dieting Issues for Women

    While both men and women share many aspects of dieting, there are some issues that are specific to women.  These issues can make it difficult to stick to your plan, but becoming aware of them can help you to develop strategies to deal with possible setbacks. Hormonal changes.  Women have the unique experience of dealing […]

  • Dieting Issues for Men

    When it comes to dieting, women and men sometimes have a different set of setbacks.  For men, there are some specific issues to consider and combat. Salty cravings.  While women tend to crave sweet foods, men tend to have cravings for foods that are high in salt and fat.  For example, nachos, wings, chips, and […]

  • A Guide to a Sensible Weight Loss Plan

    You made the decision to lose those extra pounds and start feeling good. You plan out exactly how you want to do it – down to the exercise program you want to implement. Is your weight loss plan a sensible one? A sensible weight loss plan is one that enables you to lose weight, but […]