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Dieting Issues for Women

While both men and women share many aspects of dieting, there are some issues that are specific to women.  These issues can make it difficult to stick to your plan, but becoming aware of them can help you to develop strategies to deal with possible setbacks.

Hormonal changes.  Women have the unique experience of dealing with changes in the menstrual cycle.  Dealing with PMS can cause increases in cravings, water retention, and make you feel like you simply can’t deal with your diet.

Being aware of your cycle can help you to plan ahead for these problems and temptations.  For example, if you know that you’re going to have a few pounds of extra water weight at a specific time of the month, you can stay off the scales for a few days.

If you have specific foods you crave, you can also plan for that.  One way to battle your chocolate cravings is to try dark chocolate.  It can satisfy your craving for chocolate, but because it’s very rich you can’t eat a lot of it at once.

Social issues.  Women are notorious for holding social gatherings that are centered on food.  And often those foods aren’t the healthiest of choices.  You can combat that by bringing your own healthier choices or hosting a party with a health-conscious theme.

It’s also a good idea to try to have gatherings where food isn’t the focus.  Try going to performances, museums, or having a game night where the snacks are the sideline, not the main event.

Satisfying your sweet tooth.  For women, sweet snacks are often the most tempting.  Cookies, cakes, chocolate, and other candy can be the hardest thing to let go of.  Many women try to deal with this by choosing fat-free snacks that are still high in sugar.

Instead, try to eat snacks such as fruit and protein that give you energy, but don’t have the processed sugars that make those cravings worse.  After a while of not having a lot of sugar, you’ll feel those cravings start to weaken.