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Having Problems Gaining Weight?

Are you having scrimpy salads? Light soups? A small sandwich? If you don’t put enough calories into your body, the weight just won’t appear on your frame no matter how badly you wish it would.

Forego all the rabbit food like lettuce and vegetables if those are what you’ve made the main part of your meals. There are simply not enough calories in leafy foods. Eat solid foods that stick with you – foods loaded in carbohydrates and calories. Foods like potatoes and pasta, rice and creamy soups. Drink thick drinks like milk or milkshakes.

Hard fact #2 is that you can’t gain weight if you’re constantly in active mode. You’re so busy working and running errands and exercising that what you eat in calories is burned up by all that you do.

But what if you can’t stop? What if your job demands that you’re more physically active than most people? Then you have to eat enough food to take the place of all of the calories that your body uses.

Hard fact #3 is thinking that any type of exercise will help you build muscle and contribute to weight gain. It won’t. You need exercise that focuses on strength training because hitting the treadmill just isn’t the answer ñ it’s great for weight loss, though.

Hard fact #4 is taking a hit and miss attitude toward your goal of gaining weight. You don’t feel hungry, so you’re just going to blow off breakfast. That will set you back. Eat anyway. Your body will adjust. The reason you don’t feel hungry is because your body has become accustomed to the little bit of food you give it.

Hard fact #5 is telling yourself that you just can’t do it, that you can’t gain weight because it’s not meant to be. You can be successful regardless of whats gone on with your weight in the past.