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Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Exercise Equipment

Now that you’ve committed to an exercise program, you’re ready to hit the equipment. Whether you’re working out in a commercial gym or on equipment at home, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures.

If you’re a member of a commercial gym, it’s a good idea to ask for a tour of the facility before you get started with your workout. Have a staff member or trainer take you through each machine and show you how to use it properly.

Make sure that every time you work out you adjust the machine for your height and the appropriate amount of weight. If you see a machine that is in disrepair, make sure not to use it and report it to the staff immediately.

When working on equipment at home, you need to make sure that you have it assembled properly. Routinely check to make sure that nuts, bolts, and screws are completely tightened. This will ensure that your machine will stay together while you’re operating it.

Loose parts can break off or fall off during use and cause you to become injured. It only takes a few seconds to inspect your equipment and make sure it’s in good working order.

Take a look at your home equipment and determine if there are any sharp edges that should be covered with padding. Also perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and oiling machine parts.

Never try to lift more weight that you’re really capable of lifting. You should be able to lift a weight 12 times and feel fatigued at the end of that set, but not in pain. If you’re feeling pain or your muscle is exhausted before you’ve completed a set, you should choose a lighter weight.

It won’t do any good for you to lift weight that’s too heavy or use unsafe equipment in the end. Instead, you’ll likely cause an injury that will keep you from being able to work out for a while.