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The Healthy Way To Gain Weight

There isn’t a magic potion that can help you gain weight. Foods, however, can help you find the extra pounds you’re seeking. By becoming more knowledgeable in what you should and shouldn’t eat when you’re trying to add pounds, you can add weight – but not in a way that’ll make your body pay for it in the future.

Binge eating on whatever quick foods you can buy will pack on the weight today, but those foods will do it in a way that will leave you with health problems. You don’t want that.

You don’t want to trade your health in. You want to gain weight the right way and enjoy the benefits – both short and long term. The only key to gaining is to add more calories to your every day food intake and turn the fat stores into muscles.

There are certain foods you can eat that can help you more than other foods can. To start with, add juices to your meals. Have orange juice with your breakfast every morning, add apple juice and grape juice to your between meal snacks.

Grape juice has over one hundred and fifty calories just for a cup of it – and a cup is easy to sneak into your diet. By drinking juices instead of low calorie drinks, you can easily add an extra one thousand calories to your day.

To gain weight, foods that are considered “heavy” always give you more bulk. For example, when choosing breads, pick up bagels instead of a loaf of bread. Have a bagel with flavored cream cheese instead of toast with breakfast. You’ll easily get double the calories that you normally would get.

Getting those extra calories to help build your body up while you’re stuck at work all day is easier than you might think. Just pack a few bags of nuts to keep at your desk. Peanuts, cashews and almonds not only satisfy your afternoon energy drags, but they can add up in carbohydrates, too.

Plus, nuts are a good source of protein and fiber as well. You can get more calories in a cup of cashews than you can in a cheeseburger – and the nuts are better for your body. When you want to gain weight, foods don’t have to be those you don’t like.

If you enjoy a nice plate of spaghetti or a serving of pasta salad, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that pasta is a great way to add calories and with so many ways to cook it, you’ll never have to worry about boring meals again.